Your Personal Astrologer

Heads of States & Business Tycoons –  MP , Ministers , Actor , Actress , King’s Courts,  Great persons , Students House wife   all have used personal astrologers to advise them. When a personal astrologer studies & answers your questions regularly; clarity & divine connection helps the astrologer ‘see’ more clearly.

Get your personal Astrologer with a membership of to remain at the head of the pack !  Client  Care Benefits .

When the same astrologer expert looks at your birth chart every time, you get the benefit of continuity, personal care & a very high level of accuracy in the advice. This is the philosophy behind our Clients  care service. Once you become a part of the service, you have the  range of services at your disposal.

 Highest priority in response to your consultations, queries & requests.

  Your consultation opportunity by email, phone or web chat as per your choice.

  Your Horoscope for the day ( personalized ) to help you plan your day – by email / watsapp as per your wish

  Special 25% discount on all other services you order.

Unlimited – $108 /TK .9000 set up fee + $54/TK .4500 for the first month & $54/TK .4500/00billed on a recurring basis every month on the same day of order.

This would cover as much consultation as you require during a month