Vastu & Woman


In every house it is the gracious lady of the house who makes it a home. On her shoulders rest a wide variety of delicate as well as onerous social and, religious responsibilities. These include keeping the house clean, neat and tidy, showing hospitality to guests, worshipping household gods, maintaining tranquility at home, keeping vicious and cruel people at an arm’s length, reverence to elders and Brahmins, vigilance against addiction to evil habits. Therein lies the importance of WOMEN in a Vastu.

Whether in a house or in a palace, maintaining diety is a delicate task .It is also an important duty. However, now

a day on account of the influence of western ideas and thoughts, the situation has become exactly the opposite. Often in many ways women are responsible for spoiling the men folk at home.

The experience of most of the Vastu experts has been quite strange and significant. Trivial arguments hurt egos. Conversation ceases. People fall apart. Minds become divided, and so too does the Vastu. Quarrels lead to physical violence .The home front almost becomes hopeless. The danger of the cold war exploding any day is always present. Finally marriage ends in divorce. Since laws and regulations have been made by men, naturally injustice is the lot of women. The lady of the house is forced to leave home. And the hardship and ruin she undergoes thereafter is a heart-rending tragedy.

By making minor changes inside and outside the Vastu it is possible to solve skillfully several private business, financial, physical and mental problems. But that definitely requires an intelligent, honest Vastu consultant. If he also has a good knowledge of astrology, then it is a tremendous advantage, and life may take an enchanting, successful turn.

The every direction of the Vastu automatically determines happiness, contentment and prosperity. As a result, if it is faulty numerous evils can follow. Life can be ruined undeservedly. Numerous troubles, humiliation and poverty become inevitable. And the chord of life is in danger of snapping prematurely. We have to support our destiny with our Good nature. If destiny is ragged, karma must try to mend the tears. Otherwise often in the case of Vastu what destiny gives is spoilt by karma.

Women are by nature delicate. They know and follow religious works and guard tradition and culture. Therefore not only it is their constant responsibility to maintain the sanctimony of the Vastu but to extend its longevity and keep it pleasant and sweet all the time. Women are lucky, making of wealth and they are guardian of us. Women are controlling our monitoring system. The last Prophet of Islam, MUHAMMED ( Peace be upon on him) also like love best to the women, even at the age of 25 years old he got married Bibi KHADIZA whose age was 40 during the marriage period.Bibi Khadiza was the first Muslim BUSINESS women. According to the ISLAMIC religion books, some times she advised to the Prophet, and EXPEND all of her money, property for the Religious work without any hesitate. HINDU religion peoples Respect women as a Laxmi, goddess of wealth along with Swarasoti the goddess of learning.