Shahara Yantram

Purified Shahara Yantram on photo paper

Guarantees results in an unbelievably short time frame. The rarest combination of selected highest quality YANTRAM learned from our ancestor.

Surya and other deities always stay with the owner of this Shahara Yantram and he/ she get all his/her desires fulfilled. Gives protection from any kind of harm or loss or danger. On seeing the owner of this Shahara Yantram all evils, negativity and negative forces are dispelled. This Yantram balances all the major and minor chakras in the human body and pacifies negativities of all planets and increases their benefic effects.

Fit for the royalty, this grand possession is a family treasure. Its price increases every year due to the rarity of purification/ Energized materials. Its power spans across Generations. It provides riches, pleasures, comforts and all earthly desires, as well lead one to path of righteousness and Moksha. This is not one Yantram, but a set of many most affective Yantram that balances your chakras and removes malefic effects in an unbelievably short period. The Magnetic field generated by this style of Shahara Yantram is so huge that not only the Yantram owner prospers and becomes a power in his/her own sphere; he/she motivates the people around him also into self realization and acquisition of their goals.

Purpose: The Shahara Yantram influences all the Siddhis for Accomplishment in the relative field and the absolute field. This Shahara Yantram generates all the attributes of destroying ignorance and maintaining balance at the same time one is creating new positive realities to help the Mankind and Womankind in this Age. A Person who keep this Shahara Yantram Awake 7 days a week and 24 hours a day and in the middle of Creation and Manifestation and Destruction of Ignorance.

Caution: Do not go for download and print this image for yourself which will yield opposite result as it will not result any good without right purification.

The price of Purified Shahara Yantram is Tk 10800/00, 18000/00, 27000/00, 54000/00. Post cost separate.

Please Note: The price varies depending on the purification strength is substance.