Astrologers mainly say that all the planets in the sky are moving and such moving of the planets is responsible for human subsequent activities. So, motions of the planets in the sky are behind everything happening presently in the lives of world people, all new inventions, discoveries and developments in the whole world. It is because planets move faster than humans. And human’s actions follow planets’ motions. Humans act is directed by the planets. In simple words, planets and stars and humans created in the same disciplinary system are laid together in an orderly manner. Every single man should have knowledge about his own country, own people, his own birthplace, our environment and own surroundings. Side by side he should have knowledge about world people and environment. He should also have genuine and accurate knowledge about the creations of the Creator, Allah, and the almighty. I also think that you should be conscious about your own children’s and dear and near ones’ needs and gains. If everybody becomes conscious about his/her respective duties and responsibilities then he/she can have peace of mind, lad his/her life care free and fortune and good days will visit in his/her life today or tomorrow. Side by side if one becomes conscious about one’s physical and mental needs and gains then one can certainly lead one’s life towards progress by performing one’s duties and responsibilities befittingly and enjoying one’s good days. It is because man himself is the architect of his own fortune. Man himself can arouse spirit in him. Your spirit can not be aroused by others in any way. And for rousing such spirit in you, for your prosperous future and also for ensuring good days, Horoscope is necessary to a person only to know about his/her possible good days and prosperity and arrange his/her activities in a proper way and devote his/her to his/her work. It is because future result is based on equal force of stars and planets in accordance with the clarification of the Jatak/Jatika. (Male/Female) And its result lies in his/her activities. In simple words, many of us do not know about their fortune destined by the almighty creator. Consequently not knowing the good and bad impacts of his/her activities, a person engage himself/herself in work. This unknowingly performed deed bring good result to somebody, again it brings negative result to some other people.

All enjoyments of natural resources and standards of those enjoyments from the very beginning of birth till crossing the death bridge —–all are controlled by the impacts of rays of light coming down from stars and planets. Differences are there only because of differences of geographical positions. Therefore, differences are there in enjoyments of results of the same person’s deeds because of differences in the geographical positions of that same person. A person should determine his /her geographical position judge impacts of stars and planet at his/her birth time and thus pre-determine his /her worked-plan. And if a person does it he needs not to be upset in his/her bad days and fail to get any solution /remedy even by coming to an astrologer at the eleventh hour. And for this perfect predetermination of his/her work-plan, a person needs horoscope. it is because in the horoscope there will be mentions of physique, wealth, brothers and sisters, dears and near ones, learning and children, marriage, trade and business, ensuing dangers, probable span of life, religion, fortune, deeds, profit and loss, earning and expenses, loss and damage, life’s good deeds, education and profession. There will be further mentions of good times with mentions of moments, dates, months, years, professional success and failure along with solutions /remedies of probable risk of future failure to be caused by unfavorable positions of stars and planets, according to which Jatak/Jatika himself/herself will be able to solve his/her problems. If you get your horoscope done for only one time then you need not go to an astrologer for the second time in your whole lifetime. It is because being directed by the almighty creator, planets and stars have brought the earth in existence, kept this existence static and are causing destruction to parts of this whole universe. As for example, the Jupiter is a constellation star. In the science of astrology, there are reviews on movements of planets and stars and there’s in every place logical explanation. Without the help of the science of astrology one will surely be failure in addressing favorable and Unfavorable occasions. If you become careful on your favorable occasions and devote your strength and energy to your works then you will have every chance to avoid failures. But it’s a matter of great regret that people come to us for solutions/remedies only when they have already fallen in danger. And this is our great mistake. They should come to us with a view to getting preparation for avoiding misfortune. This astrological science is fully capable in giving individuals, groups, class, a society, a community their guidelines as a bosom friend and an honest adviser. If we become able to arrange pre-cautions then chances of bad impacts decrease. Each parent should prepare Horoscope of their children immediately after their birth. A person who does not know his/her horoscope and his favorable and Unfavorable occasions of his different activities by way of his/her birth time, he/she is leading his/her life like walking in a dark room

• There’s a room but not there’s light
• There’s a flower but has not scent
• There’s in lot but not in deeds
• There’s in mind but not revealed
• Three’s necessity but not there’s any attempt
• Though man but without proper education
• There’s hurry but not there’s patience
• There’s disappointment but not there’s confidence on self
• There’s a lot earning but not there’s any savings
• There’s suffering and not comfort

There’s unrest and not peace. You know and understand many things but you often experience distress and sorrow, poverty and unrest. From the very beginning of birth, man is accompanied by distress and suffering. And he has to accept those. However, you yourself have to remove your sorrows and distress. Though there are some illusions, fascinations, allurement in the form of sweet dreams in humans’ souls, one can get out of those and get a picture of one’s future deeds and results through clarifications of the movement and motion of one’s planets’ and stars’ positrons at the time of one’s birth. The only way to get rid to restlessness, disappointment resulted from misfortunes fallen down because of lack of precautions are getting horoscope done which is written in the light of applied astrological science. It is because in a horoscope everything is described, defined, explained and detailed with the help of mathematical and physical science with as much accuracy as possible.

A Horoscope is a true and genuine guideline to one’ life. In each Horoscope, there are detail explanation of adverse impacts of all planets and stars on human life. There are also solutions and remedies of those adverse impacts. When and how those adverse impacts may get activated is also recorded in the Horoscope. And with those findings in the Horoscope Jatak/Jatika can get a complete review of those and finally they can get a guideline for them. From this Horoscope you can get a picture of the gradual happenings to be taking place in your whole life. To speak in brief, it will give you a complete idea about gradual happenings in your life.