After entering into mother’s womb, spermatozoon causes conception and this turns into clotted blood within a period of 80 days and then Allah, Lord of this whole universe implant there soul by two angels and then gives it animation in the form of a complete human baby and at last finalize its destiny. The destiny includes everything, how long span of life this human being will get, how much and what kind of living he/she will get, through what type of job he/she will earn his/her living, what kinds of problems and crises may arise in case of him/her, how these will be solved, how long he/she will remain healthy, how long he/she will suffer from illness, what types of diseases will attack him/her, how much good deeds and bad deeds he/she will perform, how much comfort and happiness he/she will enjoy, whether he/she will be lucky or unlucky in consideration of all aspects of his/her life at the end of his/her life. And all these pre-determinations are called one’s lot. From the very beginning of a human baby’s presence in this earthly world, limitations by the sixteen Charts of the moon and impacts of magnetism and repulsion of the planets and stars of the atmosphere on this baby —-all are pre-determined, that is looted.

Allah, the supreme lord of this earthly and spiritual world, has left no human being out of this pre-determination by way of fixing his/her lot. According to this lot, physical structure, nature, character of a human baby are expressed through different signs, marks, impressions, scars in different parts of the body. Astrologers describe present, past and future of a person on the basis of accounts enumeration of these signs, marks, impressions, etc. Astrologers prepare a Horoscope of a person by observing the positions and locations of the latitude and longitude at the time, date and place of the birth of the concerned person making an account and emulating and recording upon long observation on the motions of the planets and stars visible in the sky. It is because positions and locations occur only at the directives of Allah. Judging position and location of the planets and stars at the time of birth of a person and also judging present position and location of the planets and stars, astrologers foretell the good and bad things happened in the past or to be happened in future and then prescribe solutions, remedies of misfortunes of days to come. If these solutions work practically, one can get rid of bad impacts of stars and planets. Therefore, everyone needs to understand the fact that astrology is not something supernatural or secret. On the other hand, if any intelligent person exercises this science with strong devotion, he/she can gain knowledge of this science. This is because bases of this science are position, location and motion of stars and planets, that is, Horoscope. It is needed to mention here that each planet does not move in the same speed. Speed of motion of one planet differs from that of another planet. A horoscope is prepared enumeration and observing these different motions in figure and different geographical positions of the stars and planets. Actually by applying this method, astrologers tell about good and bad things happened in the past and to be happened in future.


In 1st there come into consideration:

Physique, caste, color, shape, fame, qualities, place, happiness, living outside homeland and physical strength.

In 2nd there come into consideration:

Finance-related matters, look, appearance face words, type of conversing, relatives viz, mother’s sister, elder sister and brother of mother, foods, gold, metals and bad occasions of sale and purchase

In 3rd there come into consideration:

Brother, particularly youngest brother, static position, , duration, mighty, bravery, power of hearing, clothes, patience, sperm, spirit, courage, servants, foster sons and daughters, etc. come into the consideration of 3rd Nab

In 4th there come into consideration:

Learning, gaining knowledge, (difference in opinions) mother, pleasure, happiness, scent, cows, friends, thoughts and attitudes, king’s favor, vehicles, transportation, land properties, housing, parental property, etc.

In 5th there come into consideration:

Learning (there are differences in opinions), devotion, king’s favor, son, father, intelligence, acts of piety, conspiracy, etc.

In 6th there come into consideration:

The sixth inner foes/faults of men, enemies, wounds, drawbacks, sufferings, navel, belly, mother’s brother, cousin, younger brother and sister of mother, etc.

In 7th there come into consideration:

Marriage, wife, husband, son of eldest brother, molasses, milk, sweetmeat, travel, getting higher post, bladder, lost things, trade and commerce, etc.

In 8th there come into consideration:

Ensuing dangers, eldest sister’s life, death, happiness of food, in particular cases place of killing, victory and defeat.

In 9th there come into consideration

Attitudes towards religion, luck, fortune, lot (favorable occasions) seniors’ favor, religious ceremonies, efforts, traveling holy places, etc.

In 10th there come into consideration:

Deeds, acts, activities, good results of acts, father, lordship, honor, decoration, clothing, sleep, agricultural work, ascetic mendicancy, religious activities, fame, science, fame gained from gaining knowledge/ learning , occupying high positions, etc

In 11th there come into considerations:

Gaining all things, vehicles, daughter, friends, elder brother’s and younger brother’s sons, etc.

In 12th there come into consideration:

Traveling remote places, slavery, high expenditure, friendship, royal punishment, younger sister’s son, why spending so much, etc.